Sean Fyfe is a well recognised writer on Sports Physiotherapy and Exercise Science.

Check out below some of Sean's publications


Gluteus Medius: Weak buttocks ruin the runner

Tennis Injuries overview

Calf muscles: Sean Fyfe tells of how he put the powerback into a trekker’s legs

Surfing injuries and surfing training - Sean Fyfe offers an introduction to this increasingly popular high-skill and risky sport

Marathon Cramp: A marathon to remember

Snowboarding and skiing injuries

Stretching: what’s the point?

Thigh pain, thigh injuries and hamstring injuries

Marathon Tips

Thoracic Spine Pain: Case study Sally’s confused spine

Cycle Injury overview

Tennis wrist injuries

To avoid elbow injuries in throwing athletes, start youngsters on a strength training programme

Plyometrics: A grown-up approach to youth training

Dance Injuries: Back and hip pain Dancing to the wrong rhythm

Junior athlete injuries

Plyometrics and throwing

Long-term athlete development (LTAD)

Apophysitis - Teenagers still need treatment

Back pain diagnosis: Six core tests

Plyometric rehabilitation: Using plyometrics for rehab

Progressive exercise regimes: Beyond three sets of ten

Good posture, bad posture - sway back

Tibial tuberosity pain

What all physiotherapists should know, but don't

Thoracic spine flexibility exercises: how two rowers used thoracic spine flexibility exercises to relieve pain

Parkinson's & Cerebral Palsy Case Studies

Do you really need a physio?

Shoulder injury rehabilitation exercises - the importance of a tailor-made rehabilitation programme




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